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    The common problems in the process of bottle blowing machine
    2016-5-28 14:30:43
    1.feeding old card feeding plate: this situation is a headache problem, from the experience to see if the bottle billet (embryo) the length of the relatively long cut weight, then this phenomenon is relatively small.

    2.feeding a feeding: the need to check several: 1), and whether or not they have hopper was not expected, if it is: must hurry to feed; 2) if not: please check lifting machine control contactor is in a state of electric. If it is to state, as soon as possible to check the electrical whether in power and load state, because the situation is likely to be by the bottle blank (embryo) stuck in a lift with, then the simplest method is artificial help improve; 3), if checking hoist machine control contactor in electric state, please check the bottle embryo electric eye detection whether and the reflecting plate is not in a straight line.

    3.the bottle is always hurt the position of the manipulator is misplaced.

    4.after blowing the bottle can not be removed from the mold.
    Should first open molds, with manual opening and closing of the mould, if normal, with empty running status, if also normal.

    Please check your exhaust time settings, if normal exhaust setting, and every time as long as the blowing bottle of failure of the words, you can estimate of the exhaust valve, please open the exhaust valve and check the spring and sealing parts (this fault there is a phenomenon is exhaust sound is relatively large or has no net voice).

    If you encounter is a lot of mold production normal accidental to the open mode, please check the locking pin whether section of the screw on the inside. Also, please check mode locking force is too big, if too much should be in accordance with the standard re adjustment.

    5.two mechanical collision again for the palm: manual reset manipulator, due to the misalignment caused by.

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